I came across Julie and Staffordshire Wedding Planning, quite late in my wedding planning journey. With around 7 weeks to go before I got married, I was at my wits end in dealing with my wedding venue and had got to the point where I was “frozen”, unable to move forward or do anything at all that related to this blinking wedding. I didn’t even have a wedding dress! After finding Julie “online”, things got moving! She quickly took control, where it was needed and set about putting some “oomph” into the pace at which the venue were moving at. Julie also made me see that I was not being a demanding diva and that the venue who claimed to be a 5 star establishment, were over promising and under-delivering.
Julie picked up and dealt with frustrating chains of communication with the venue (ensuring that that the requirements of a gluten free menu were fully understood by the Chef’s) and put together a detailed plan and schedule, so that everyone knew who was doing what and when. On the big day itself, Julie was there to manage the flow and ensure that things ran smoothly. She truly was my eyes and ears and made sure that all our guests were looked after at our wedding.
From the moment we met, (it sounds like a love story doesn’t it!), I knew that Julie “got me”. She brought the joy back into my wedding planning that was missing and we had a bit of a laugh along the way. In the chaos that she walked into, she helped me to find some peace and calm and was an excellent sounding post bringing wisdom and experience, which was always available by telephone, text, email or over a coffee.
For anyone contemplating engaging the services of a wedding planner; then all I can say is that I could not have managed to pull my wedding off so well, without having Julie by my side. I had dear friends fall seriously ill shortly before my wedding, who would have been the people I called upon, on the day to ensure things ran smoothly. Without Julie I would have been truly lost. She filled the shoes of a mother, a friend and a professional and I knew that she could and would take care of whatever arose on the day.
Julie was a delight to work with and whilst I am happy that some of the frustrations of wedding planning are now over, I was sad to wave her goodbye. What more can I say; if you’re getting married, then you need a “Julie” on your planning team!

Diana and George